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Coleen Dawson-Kuncio

Co-organizer of the Beers in Banff Ringette Tournament

Coleen started playing ringette at the tender age of four, when she joined her older sisters St. Albert ringette team to get the numbers up.  It would take many years for her to learn how to stop without hitting the board to turn around, but eventually, she did and her ringette skills flourished.  For the next 26 years, Coleen would take on many roles in the Ringette Community, starting as a player then progressing to a referee.  In her 20's, she took on the role of team manager for the Diamonds Open team and board of director member for the Northern Alberta Women's Ringette Association (NAWRA) where she provides the web support for the league.  

Coleen's role in ringette was expanded in 2012 when she took on a role with Ringette Alberta's board of directors to help with policy development with an Adult Ringette focus.  It was in this capacity that Coleen and Amber eventually conjured up the Beers in Banff tournament.  

Coleen is providing all the web and registration support for this tournament and will also be providing the referee development and coordination.

Coleen's intense devotion to the game of Ringette has driven her life-long volunteer and player activities.  Her goal for all her involvement is to create a competitive and fun level of Ringette that is available to anyone wanting to enjoy the game.  She believes in Ringette being a sport for life and hopes to keep playing for the rest of hers.

Vintage St. Albert

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Diamonds Winning the Chestermere Tournament

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Amber Bridges

Co-organizer of the Beers in Banff Ringette Tournament

Amber Bridges won’t divulge the exact year, but she started Ringette in the early 80s, while living in her hometown of Eston, Saskatchewan.  After moving away for college, Amber continued to play ringette in Medicine Hat and later in Calgary, Alberta, where she continues to play today. 

In her current Ringette association, the Women’s Ringette Association of Calgary (WRAC), Amber is active on the WRAC Board as Vice President and plays on the Raiders Ringette Team.  In her capacity as Vice President of WRAC, Amber has have been an influencer in Ringette Alberta’s policy discussion on Adult Ringette.  It was during the 2015 Ringette Alberta Summit, that Amber brought forth the idea of a draft ringette tournament for adult players.  She proposed the Beers in Banff draft tournament style, by modelling the idea of the Pink Ring for Breast Cancer support.  She took the idea of having a just-for-fun multi-skill level tournament and adapting rules for draft hockey tournaments.

Amber has a love for the game of Ringette, because of the skill involved, team comradery, the exercise, and, of course, because it’s fun! Her continued support for the game is one of the many reasons Ringette continues to thrive in the Calgary area.


Home Town Pride: Easton, Saskatchewan

2008 in Medicine Hat

2008 in Medicine Hat

2009 What Happens in Vegas Team